• Tanaka Your Sock Off


    Due to the overwhelming amount of orders we receive, the "Tanaka Your Socks Off" can take several weeks to fulfill do to the high volume of orders.    

    "Tanaka Your Sock off" is a hand tied fly designed by Ken Tanaka of Wish4Fish and tied by professional tier George Liddicoat of Liddicoat's Fly Tying.  

    These are made to order so they might take several days or even several weeks depending on how many current orders we have to fulfill.  This fly is made of 8 different materials not including the hardware. 

    Stinger hook is a #2 Gamakatsu B10s and front hook is #1 Gamakatsu B10s.

    The fly is approximately 5" long and weighs 3g (.15oz)

    See the "Tanaka Your Socks Off" in action!

    Paul J. Beel is owner and fly tier of Franken Fly at http://www.frankenfly.com.

    He is an Orvis Fly Designer and commercially ties for many fly shops.  His flies have appeared in Fly Fusion Magazine, Tail Magazine and North 40 Fly Shop Emag. He is also the creator of his own line of fly tying dubbing called FrankenDub.

    Paul is on the Temple Fork Outfitters Pro Team, Regal Vise Pro Staff, Partridge of Redditch Pro Team, Deer Creek Pro Staff and is a Flymen Fishing Company Associate.

    Paul has tied for the following fly shops:

    Gates Au Sable Lodge & Fly Shop, Dette Trout Flies, Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company, The Northern Angler, and Lund's Fly Shop